New England Keep the Faith

New England Keep the Faith

Call name: Trustin

Ten Bears Toad Trip *** (Tick)
HRCH Ten Bears Dream Catcher MH (Sophie)


Meet Trustin our little chocolate buddy. He was born while Mare was at a Bon Jovi concert. Our feelings are that he will "rock" the hunt test world. We "Trust In" him as he will "Trustin" us.



New England Lite No Sugar MH

New England Lite No Sugar MH

Call name: Joe

Hawkeyes Coast Guard (known as Cutter)
Sweet Hills A Pretty Penny JH


Oh Joe! He was sent from heaven. After we lost Hunter the house was not the same without a big yellow dog. We did not think we wanted a puppy yet but Joe found us, thanks to Dave Sears and Lois Monroe.

We are looking forward to seeing what Joe can do. Joe will begin running Hunt Tests in 2006. And if he could get a title for being a Ham—we’ve got it made!


New England Sky Buster MH

New England Sky Buster MH

Call name: Busta or Peanut

FC Espirits Cool It
Dr. Mikes Pi In The Skye


All Busta wants to do in life is make Paul happy. I have not seen such intensity in any of our other dogs.

Busta thinks Paul is God, though it might be who ever gives him a bird. Just ask our friend Tara from Swift River Retrievers, she ran Busta and he looked at her as though she were a Goddess.

Our little Peanut has brought us so much joy. His desire to retrieve and work is more than we can ask for. We are blessed to have him in our lives.

2007 was a very special year for us. On Sept. 23, 2007 Busta qualified at the Master National, in Remington, Va. It is one of our greatest accomplishments, and one we will cherish forever. Paul and I are still smiling whenever we talk about it.

Paul and Busta qualified again in 2008 at the Master National. We are both overwhelmed by how great of a dog Busta is. He makes it look effortless.


Twin Lakes Boy Scout MH

Twin Lakes Boy Scout MH

Call name: Scout or Scootie Patootie

FC Black Rivers Big Ol' Truck MH
Shiloh's Ambitious Intent JH

2/03/98 - 1/26/08

Scout received his Master title at 2 years old. You would never know he is a “rocket scientist!”
Retrieving is one of the things he lives for.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bird, a bumper or my slippers. He is so filled with happiness, you just can’t help but love him. At times he may be goofy, but that is what makes him SCOUT!!!


New England Hunter MH

New England Hunter MH

Call name: Hunter or Hunta if you’re from RI

FC/CFC Pinewood's Willie Makeit
Appoquinimink Creek MD Holly

2/19/95 - 5/12/04 Your pawprint will be in in our heart forever! We miss you everyday.  Hunter was our first hunt test dog. Receiving his Master title at 3 years old. We thank him For introducing us to a world we would not have known.

Our friend Buck from Swift River Retrievers wrote this about Hunter and his message says it all.

“Retrieving with reckless abandon
Yellow, power, grace, and speed
Your effort never questioned,
Never failing on the deed.

Your time with us passed quickly
All the memories we will treasure
The hunts, the tests, the home time.
You were loved beyond all measure.

A big head watching from the back seat
We’ll be expecting you to appear
In the places you have always been.
It will take our hearts time to heal.

But over time we’ll look back
To see how lucky we have been.
To have known you in our lives
And the joy that you have given.

We’ll meet you at the bridge,
And we’ll cross it side by side,
The hardships of your older years,
Will be replaced with youthful pride.”

--- Buck Shope


A Day In The Life

Scout, Busta and Joe enjoying a day at
Addieville East Farm


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